Hack 22 – March 2022

The 2 Year Anniversary!!!

This was our 2-year anniversary remote hack, and it was a smashing success, by all accounts! All the usual drama was afoot, with makeshift non-alpine holidays, murder mysteries, palette clensers, and even a nailbiting match result against the Docker Dangermice (TL;DR - they won…again).

Admittedly, at the inception of the Remote Hack, I think we expected it to grow to involve many more people, and have pursued several initiatives to see about doing just that…we’ve settled into a bit more of a relaxed and comfortable core-group chill room sort of vibe, and that’s absolutely fine!

…Which isn’t at ALL to say that we don’t welcome new-comers…we most assuredly do! It’s just that 2 years on, nobody would have expected it to grow and develop like this from the outset, but that’s life in these small mountain towns!

Sometimes people just show up for 30 minutes to chat and do nothing, and that’s what the remotehack vibe has developed into, a very organic growth into #treat-yoself, which means sometimes you don’t “accomplish” anything, but that’s totally cool!

On to the next year of remote hacks!!!

Things People Did