Can I attend?


Even if you’ve never been to a hack day, or aren’t tech-focused, you’re absolutely welcome.

How it works


→ Drop by our Discord server and say hi.

→ Browse some hack ideas on GitHub.

9.30am, Hello

The day starts with a video call in discord. Join our remotehack server at https://discord.gg/wNq8uVvQT3.

We’ll have a very informal set of introductions, and discuss what people are interested in working on through the day.

10am → 12.30pm

Your time to hack - work on whatever you want.

12.30pm, Lunch

Grab something to eat, join everyone on Discord if you’d like.

1pm → 4.30pm

More hack time - finish off things, or do something entirely different

4.30pm, Demos

We all get back on Discord and chat about how our day went.

If you’d like to share; we’ll have time to show demos of what we’ve worked on.

Tools we use:


GitHub is a tool for collaborating on software projects. We use it to discuss hack ideas.

Don't be put off if these sound technical, we're open to all skill levels!


Discord is a platform for text and video communication.

We use this for a more face-to-face chat with everyone. (Though if you want to keep your webcam off, that's cool too).

You can use it from your web browser, or they've got downloadable apps if you'd prefer.

Who’s behind this?