Can I attend?


Even if you’ve never been to a hack day, or aren’t tech-focused, you’re absolutely welcome.

How it works


→ Drop by our Slack group and say hi.

→ Browse some hack ideas on GitHub.

9.30am, Hello

The day starts with a video call in discord. Join our remotehack server at The link will also be in the #general Slack channel.

We’ll have a very informal set of introductions, and discuss what people are interested in working on through the day.

10am → 12.30pm

Your time to hack - work on whatever you want.

12.30pm, Lunch

Grab something to eat, join everyone on Discord if you’d like.

1pm → 4.30pm

More hack time - finish off things, or do something entirely different

4.30pm, Demos

We all get back on Discord and chat about how our day went.

If you’d like to share; we’ll have time to show demos of what we’ve worked on.

Tools we use:


Slack is a chat application. We use it as a central place for sharing messages/links/info - you can login at any point, there's usually a few people online.

You can use it from your web browser, or they've got downloadable apps if you'd prefer.


GitHub is a tool for collaborating on software projects. We use it to discuss hack ideas.

Don't be put off if these sound technical, we're open to all skill levels!


Discord is a platform for text and video communication.

We use this for a more face-to-face chat with everyone. (Though if you want to keep your webcam off, that's cool too).

Who’s behind this?