RemoteHack Unconference

24th April,

We're building a conference!

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How it works

An unconference is a conference without predefined topics. There is a high level structure and theme, but actual topics are generated by the participants on the spot, and breakout groups are formed dynamically based on interest and relevance.

What kind of topics will we cover

Anything that interests you; could talk about a project you like, or a book you’ve read, or a question that you have, or an idea that you want to explore with others. Or meditation sessions, watching videos together, telling jokes, whatever you want.

The only restriction that we have is that it fits with our Code of Conduct - ie, is respectful of others.

When should I show up

Join us at the start of the day if you want to propose or help choose sessions, otherwise feel free to drop in anytime

What do I need to plan

No plans needed, but feel free to think about cool stuff you’d like to investigate/discuss/talk about